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Institutional Aid 

In 2018, CT Students for a Dream alongside educators and other allied groups passed a law that opened up access to institutional financial aid for undocumented students at Connecticut's State Colleges and Universities! This was a campaign we had been running for 6 years and it was through the hard work of many students like you that we were able to pass this law and get students the money they deserve! 


Institutional aid comes directly from tuition dollars paid by students at the state colleges and universities. A certain percentage of tuition revenue is set aside to get back out to students in the form of need based aid. This is not money from the federal or state government but from the schools themselves. Before this new law was passed, undocumented students were paying into this pool of money but could not get any access to it because students indicated their need by filling out the FAFSA, a form undocumented students cannot complete. However, the law created a new form and process for undocumented students to show the need they have and get access to this pool of money!

Below, you will find information about institutional aid and the various resources we have available to help you, students and educators, figure out the process!