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We support Immigration Reform March 16, 2013

Do you want Immigration Reform Now? CT Students for a DREAM continues the fight for immigration reform for all! We joined with the community to stand up and speak out! There was a lawyer there to speak about current immigration policies and answer questions.

This event was great for the community to come together and be active towards Comprehensive Immigration Reform for ALL


Community Round table Jan. 26

A Community Roundtable Discussion at a local Bridgeport immigrant church. Community leaders and families will share stories to highlight the need for Immigration Reform – stories that shed light on the pain the current immigration system causes our community, and share what ​OUR COMMUNITY wants to see in an Immigration Reform Bill. Elected officials will specify their support for immigration reform. This roundtable will create partnerships between the community, elected officials, and organizations, to push for immigration reform.

DREAMers will stand alongside their parents and other members of the community in a united outcry for real leadership and vision on immigration from our elected officials. We say: stop tearing our families apart, end senseless deportations and abuses, and work with Congress to create a roadmap to citizenship for our entire community.

United We Dream Congress 2012

Thanks to our donors, 9 of our leaders attended the United We Dream’s National Congress in Kansas City, MO from November 30th to December 2nd. At the congress, we, along with 600 DREAMers and allies from over 30 different state attended workshops, shared our stories, gained new skills and knowledge and networked with people from around the country. At the Congress, CT Students for a DREAM made a commitment to fight for Immigration Reform in 2013, for a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US. We celebrated and reflected on our Deferred Action victory of 2012, and set the strategy for the fight coming in 2013. The congress helped us gained new clarity and direction in regards to our movement and our organization. Many of us came back with enthusiastic plans to take lead in new initiatives within C4D. Not only that, but we each came together as a team, ever closer to each other and our movement​.

Dreamers Jam (Bridgeport)

On Sunday, Nov. 25 at 6-9pm in 
St. George Parish, 443 Park Ave, Bridgeport

Connecticut students for a DREAM created an event for the community to share their story.

Meet other Dreamers. Eat good food.

It was an evening of students sharing their stories, open mic performances, food and community building.


No more silence Linda McMahon

November 2012: We Stood up to Linda McMahon!

Together we let Republican Senate candidate, Linda McMahon know that she had to listen to our community, she had to take a stance on immigration!
We directly confronted her campaign at two "Support our DREAMS and our Community Rally" in front of her offices in Norwalk and Bridgeport.
And guess what? We Won! McMahon broke her silence on immigration and the DREAM Act and released a statement in response to our actions! Thanks to (DRM) Dream Action Coalition for the support!

Undocumented and Unafraid: Coming out of the shadows

On March 24th 2012, C4D hosted Undocumented and Unafraid: A Coming out of the Shadows Event. This was the first event of its kind in Stamford, CT. The event was attended by over 200 students, parents, and community leaders. Students and parents from cities all over CT shared personal stories about the struggles undocumented immigrants face in the state. They shared stories of hardship, struggle and triumph; stories about growing up in a country they call home but where current immigration law undermines their sense of identity, their talents, and their aspirations. At the event speakers “Came Out” to their communities as undocumented and unafraid and/or as a supporter of immigrants’ rights.

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