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Apply to be C4D's Executive Director! 

CT Students for a Dream is hiring for our next Executive Director! Check out the job description below!

ANNUAL SALARY: $85,000-$93,000 

This is a full-time exempt position with a salary range of $85,000-$93,000 and a comprehensive benefits package. This position requires a willingness to travel within Connecticut and occasionally out of state. 

PRIORITY DEADLINE: February 28, 2024  


C4D is seeking a dedicated and passionate Executive Director, committed to building power with and for young people of color while centering experiences of undocumented youth and their families. Reporting to the C4D Board of Directors, the Executive Director will serve as the key management leader for the organization and work with our staff and board to bring overall strategic and operational capacity to support C4D’s staff, programs, and execution of its mission.  The Executive Director will be responsible for these primary areas working with key staff: vision and organizational development, staff management and supervision, development and fundraising, financial oversight,  board coordination, and external partnerships. The Director supervises and works closely with a team of senior full-time staff that leads C4D’s internal infrastructure and community programs: Organizing Manager, Development Manager, and Operations Manager. The ideal candidate will possess leadership qualities or the willingness to grow in the areas of staff management, organizational development, and organizing.  


Please complete your application here.  The application process includes submitting your application and answering the application questions.  We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis. This search is being run by NRG Consulting Group. Please contact with any questions. Know someone that could be a great fit for this position? Fill out this form, and we'll take it from there!

Letters from C4D's Board and current Co-Directors!



Following an exceptional 3.5 years leading CT Students for a Dream (C4D), Camila Bortolleto and Anghy Idrovo have stepped down as Co-Directors. Camila’s last day as Co-Executive Director was in December 2023. She is now serving as Senior Consultant during Quarter 1 of 2024 to support the transition. Anghy’s last day in her Co-Director role was July 2023, and she served in a senior consulting role during Q3 and Q4 of 2023.


C4D is profoundly grateful for the leadership of Camila and Anghy, not only serving as Co-Directors for the past 3.5 years, but for their tenure with the organization. Throughout their leadership, C4D has continued to flourish as an organization despite many political and public health challenges that have emerged in recent years. 

The Board of Directors, C4D Staff and Field Leaders stand ready to lead the organization and ensure that it maintains its stability through the leadership transition in anticipation of new leadership to take the reins. In January 2024, C4D will start a search process to hire C4D’s next permanent Executive Director. During this transition phase, C4D is thrilled to have welcomed Rosa Velázquez as our Interim Executive Director this past October 2023. Rosa will take on the role and lead C4D for 8-12 months as C4D searches for our next permanent ED, Click here to read more about Rosa.


To lead the Executive Director transition process, we have brought together a “Leadership Transition Committee (LTC)” made up of staff, board, and members. These individuals will work to ensure a successful hiring and transition process. C4D is excited to be working with NRG Consulting Services for this search process, they are a consulting firm with experience in movement organizations executive searches, who will lead the process and support recruitment. You can reach them at with questions about the search. We anticipate a new Executive Director will begin by the second half of 2024. 


Camila and Anghy, on behalf of the entire Board of Directors and the Leadership Transition Committee, we express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to you both and wish you the best in your future endeavors. 


In Community, 

Board of Directors: Carolina Bortolleto (Chair), Esteban Garcia (Treasurer), Omar Romandia (Secretary), Liz Demsky, Mirka Dominguez-Salinas, Evelin Garcia

Leadership Transition Committee: Mirka Dominguez-Salinas (LTC chair, board), Carolina Bortolleto (board), Esteban Garcia (board), Maria Cortes (staff), Yokairi Montero (member), Christopher Cabrera (member)



Dear C4D family, 


It is with much gratitude and bittersweet excitement that we share that we are transitioning out of our Co-Executive Director roles with CT Students for a Dream as C4D undergoes a planned leadership transition. As this transition moves forward, we have put into place a structured process and hand-off of responsibilities that ensures that C4D’s programmatic work and operations continues unchanged, as outlined above.  We are thrilled to have welcome Rosa Velasquez into the C4D team as C4D’s new Interim Executive Director. 


After serving in other C4D staff roles for several years, we stepped into the joint Co-Director role in March of 2020 just as the world was beginning to grapple with the COVID crisis. We are immensely proud of the work we have accomplished together in these last 3.5 years. We have successfully guided C4D through a year-long visioning process, expanded C4D’s staff to our largest team yet, successfully navigated C4D through the COVID pandemic and the virtual / in person shifts, as well furthering our active campaigns, #HUSKY4Immigrants and #CareNotCops. We leave C4D in a solid financial standing with a growing reserve fund to ensure that C4D continues to be a sustainable organization into its future. This transition comes at the right time, and we are excited and confident about the strength and future of C4D.


We are excited and confident about the strength and future of C4D and youth organizing in Connecticut. After celebrating C4D's 10 year anniversary in 2020 and as we head into the future, we are proud of the strength of our team. We are confident that our team will lead C4D into its next chapter with a strong vision and a deep commitment that will allow C4D to keep flourishing into a sustainable power-building organization able to create real change in Connecticut. 


With love and gratitude, 

- Anghy Idrovo & Camila Bortolleto

Co- Executive Directors, CT Students for a Dream


As I transition I have been reflecting on my time at C4D and what I have accomplished. I have been honored to serve in the Co-Director role alongside Anghy these last almost 4 years and I am immensely proud of the work we have done together to lead C4D as Co-Directors. 


In 2010, when 4 undocumented youth (myself, Carolina, Lorella, Hafid) gathered around a coffee table and started what would become CT Students for a Dream, I could never have imagined that the vision we spoke about that day would grow so much or that we would go on to build that vision into a powerful organization. What we have accomplished and built together in the past 13 years has been beyond my wildest dreams, and is proof that a small group of people can indeed create change. 


In my time at C4D since 2010 I have served in many roles, both volunteer and staff. From being part of the all-volunteer core leadership team that built C4D into a nonprofit before we had any staff, to leading the implementation of DACA clinics statewide, doing presentations to high schools, and hosting organizing meetings around the state. I started as staff in 2017 as C4D’s Campaign & Organizing Manager, where I had the privilege of leading C4D to our first major campaign victory, our #AffordtoDream Campaign - a 6 year fight to win and pass a law for college financial aid for undocumented students in CT’s public colleges and universities. This victory and campaign is one of my proudest moments in C4D. The power, community, and relationships that we built during that campaign will always stand out to me as one of most meaningful experiences of my time in C4D, and it is emblematic of the commitment that C4D has to uplift and build the power of young people to create change.


In creating C4D we had the intention of creating a space where undocumented immigrant youth could exercise our voice, build community, create social change for immigrant communities in CT, and most of all build a space where we belonged and where we could be our whole selves unashamedly and wholeheartedly. I am proud and honored to have played a role in creating this space over my time in C4D and will cherish the relationships I’ve built.


As a co-founder of C4D as I look into the future of the organization, I am very excited for C4D's next chapter and proud of the strength of our team. 


With gratitude,

Camila Bortolleto 

Co-Executive Director, Co-Founder

CT Students for a Dream




The opportunity to lead CT’s only statewide undocumented youth-led organization, and to dedicate myself to protecting the rights and building the leadership of the CT’s immigrant community has been incredibly powerful and humbling.


My long time commitment to C4D started 10 years ago in 2012 when I first got involved as a highschooler through C4D’s high school presentations. Through C4D, I found a community that I thought didn't exist, a community where I was empowered to fight for my rights and the rights of my community. At the time, C4D was in its beginning stages of growth and little did I know that as I was supporting the growth and development of the organization, that the organization was doing the same for me. 


Since 2012, I have played different roles in the organization. In 2017, I became a staff member as C4D’s first Campaign and Community Organizer, where I helped lead the #AffordToDream campaign victory that equalized access to $150 million in institutional financial aid for CT undocumented students. Although, I’m most proud of the organizing work I led in Danbury serving as the Danbury Youth Organizer, where I coordinated youth-led programming and empowered young people to become leaders in their schools and communities. Together, during our after-school program meetings, we reflected on racial justice through an immigration lense where we discussed colorism, anti-blackness, internalized racism and how this reflects in our daily lives. I know the impact of my work will live on in our current leadership and staff, many of whom are the young people that I supported and developed during this time.


My work has always and will continue to be guided by a drive to end the racist, anti-immigrant and xenophobic policies that hurt communities of color, and for immigrant youth to reach their fullest potential. My continued commitment to the immigrant rights movement doesn't end here. I look forward to continuing uplifting immigrant voices, generating awareness about the intersections of immigration, education, and race, and fighting for human rights no matter where I go.

Thank you,
Anghy Idrovo Castillo
CT Students for a Dream

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