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Educator Resources

Welcome to our Educator Institutional Aid Resources!

Use the resources below to find out the basic information about institutional aid and help guide students through the process! 

Have a Student who Needs Support in Figuring out the Process or Filling out the Form?


Want to Set Up a Workshop at Your School for Students? Fill out this Form!

Want Training for your Department/ School on Institutional Aid and More? Fill out this Form!


Learn the Basics: 

Educator Factsheet - Don't know A lot about Institutional Aid? Start here! This is a basic factsheet for educators with deadlines, requirements, and information on how to apply to institutional aid. 

Webinar Recording - Want to gain a bit more of an in-depth understanding? Watch/ listen to the recording of our 1-hour educator webinar focused on understanding the institutional aid process, a walkthrough of filling out the form, and connections to resources. (And here is a copy of the Webinar PPT)

Understand the Process: 

Pre-Application Checklist (ENG, SPA) - Helping a student fill out the institutional aid form? Start Here! This is a quick checklist you can run through to make sure a student has everything they need to fill out the institutional aid application at UCONN or the CSU schools. 


UCONN Institutional Aid Form - Have a student that is applying to UCONN? UCONN's application is entirely online. Follow the link above to the UCONN financial aid website to start the process. 


AACTUS Institutional Aid Form (ENG, SPA) - Have a student applying to the community colleges or Western Eastern, Southern, or Central? This is the institutional aid form a student needs to fill out to apply for aid at any of the CSU Schools or community colleges (any state school besides UCONN). 


Educator FAQ - A detailed FAQ for educators supporting students in filling out the institutional aid form. This includes information on answering difficult questions, how to fill out the forms, where to find support, and much more!

Student Resources:

Student 1-Pager (ENGLISH, SPANISH) - START HERE to help students learn the basic information on institutional aid including deadlines and how to apply at UCONN, the State Schools, and the Community Colleges! 

Annotated Form (ENG, SPA) - Full version of the AACTUS institutional aid application in English and Spanish with helpful tips for students to fill out the form and get answers to the most difficult/confusing questions. 

Everything you Need in One Place: 

Resource Google Folder - All of the links above are housed in our Google Resource Folder so look here for everything you need for the institutional aid process!


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