Institutional Aid:

Take Action!


The "Institutional Financial Aid"  for undocumented students is in DANGER of dying and we need YOUR ACTION to help save it!

The bill, SB 475, is only in the beginning stages of the fight, but it could die before we even get off the ground. It currently sits in the Higher Education Committee waiting for action by the Committee Chairs to move it forward. But Chair Rep Roberta Willis, does not want to move it forward, meaning that it will die unless we take action!

Now is the time for us to stand up and show that our community supports this bill and supports equal higher education for all students in CT!



This Wednesday join us in calling Rep Willis and tell her to support SB 475 and move it forward to a public hearing!!

Call the CT House Democrats Main Line: (860) 240-8585

You will speak to a secretary: "Hello, can you please connect me to Representative Willis' office?"

"Hello, My name name is________. I am calling to ask Representative Willis to support bill number 475, which increases institutional financial aid for undocumented students in CT. This bill is about fairness and equality and making sure that all CT's students are able to pursue their dreams to go to college. I would like the bill to be scheduled for a "public hearing" so that the community can make their support and voice heard. Thank you"

Your voice, your call is urgently needed! Every call makes a difference!

Make your voice heard and together we can keep this bill alive!
Spread the word! Tell your friends to call, post on facebook!


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