One on One College Mentoring

The heart of our program is personalized, individual counseling to any student, documented or not, who needs help or seeks guidance during the college application process. Our program will match a C4D mentor with one student. The goal is for them to meet on a regular basis and for the mentor to guide the student throughout the college application process

C4D College Mentoring Student Application


You CAN go to college and we can help you get there!

Do you have questions about the college application process?​
Do you have questions about how to PAY for college as an immigrant student?​
Do you need guidance on starting your aplications or deciding which schools to apply?​
Do need help writing your college essay, making a resume, or studying for the SATs?​
Do you need help finding scholarships and navigating the Financial Aid process?​
Are you a parent and have questions about how your child can go to college?

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We have student College Mentors around Connecticut who have successfully been through the college application process and are ready to answer any of your questions and help you make your DREAMs a reality!

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We match you with a C4D mentor (a college student themselves) who will guide you during the college application process and provide help and resources as needed. Students meet one-on-one with their mentors.

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To become a student in our program or if you're interested in becoming a mentor, please contact:

Elizabeth Ruiz

CT Students for a DREAM

College Access Program






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Mentor Testimonials:


Lilibeth, UConn Student, from Bridgeport - mentor

"I wanted to be a mentor because I know how difficult it could be for an undocumented student to apply to schools and get resources. I have cousins in my family that stopped their education after high school because they thought they couldn't go to college and there was no one really pushing them to go to school. Helping out students makes me feel like I'm helping others like my cousins and hopefully making a positive contribution in their lives. If my cousins had someone like a mentor providing guidance and genuine support, maybe they could have pursued higher education instead of settling with a high school diploma."


Our College Access Program has been a success. We have had 3 classes of mentors / mentees in 2012 and are gearing up for our next class of mentors in the Fall of 2013!

As the demand from the community grows, we must grow along with it.


I'm asking you to share your skills to help youth realize their dreams. We are looking for people who want to be college advising mentors.

Interested in becoming a mentor or learning more?


CT Students for a DREAM will have a Mentor Training


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, just email me or fill out this form.

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Our dreams are too valuable, too important. Our students need you.

Become part of the solution!


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Student Testimonials:


Olga, Capital Community College Student hoping to transfer to nursing school, from Moldava

"My mentor is so helpful I don't even have words to characterize her. She is with everywhere and always"


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