Calling Speaker Sharkey

Speaker Sharkey is the leader of the House!  House Speaker Brendan Sharkey has the power to bring up the bill for a vote in the House of Representatives.

Sample Script for Rep Sharkey:


“Hello, my name is ________    , I’m a member of [organization or group]. I’m calling Speaker Sharkey’s office to express my support for and urge him to bring up Bill SB 14:7: An Act Assisting Students Without Legal Immigration Status With The Cost Of College up for a vote. This bill would open up institutional financial aid to all CT’s students regardless of immigration status. Institutional financial aid is funded by tuition revenue, undocumented students pay into this fund and should have access to it like all other students. Can I count on Speaker’s support to put it for a vote when it reaches the House?

SB 147 has 20 co-sponsors. Importantly, it will have no fiscal impact on the state. It will be good economically, and will help CT reach its goal of educational equality. I urge Rep Sharkey to bring up for a vote SB 147. Thank you.”

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