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Take Action for #AffordtoDream

C4D's #AffordToDream Campaign for Institutional Financial Aid to Undocumented Students at CT Public Colleges is heating up! It’s time to TAKE ACTION!

Send a Letter to your Legislator!

Share on Social Media!


1. Contact your Legislators: Contacting your  legislators to express your support is one of the most important things you can do!

Find the legislator that represents your district:

Script:  “Hello, my name is ____________, I’m a member of [organization or group] I’m calling Rep or Senator _________ to express my support for  HB700: An Equalizing Access to Student Generated Aid . This bill equalize access to student-generated, institutional aid at CT public colleges and Universities to all CT’s students regardless of their immigration status. Institutional financial aid is funded by tuition revenue, undocumented students pay into this fund and should have access to it like all other students.

I urge the Representative OR Senator to support HB7000. Do you know what (Sen OR Rep) __________’s stance is on HB7000? Thank you”

2. Share your Story with us: Stories are our most powerful tool! Our stories have power - through sharing our stories we can shift our legislators and ask them to support our dreams.


Share your story with us and share why YOU need institutional aid to become a reality and what having access to aid would mean to you and your future! Do you know youth and families who would benefit from this? Can you share your story as an ally about why you believe this is important?

Share your story here:

3. Collect Petitions:

As part of the #AffordtoDream campaign, we will be collecting petitions to gather support! We are collecting petitions to show our legislators there is power in numbers! Can you help collect petitions in the community or at your school? At an upcoming event?


Please go to to download the #AffordtoDream petition paper.

How can you collect petitions?

  • Have the petitions at meetings or events

  • Set up a table! Organize a petition tabling in your school.

  • Pass the petition around in your classes

  • Collect signatures using clipboards

  • Ask your friends and community


If you collect paper petitions signatures, please email, we can coordinate to get them from you via email or in person.

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