Calling Your Own Legislator

Everyone has 1 Senator and 1 Representative! After you call the leadership, call your own! As a resident of their district a call from you would mean a lot and go a long way to generate support!


Find your Legislator that represents your district:

Sample Script:


“Can you transfer me to _________ office?”

“Hello, my name is ____________, I live in __________. I’m calling Senator or Representative ___________ to express my support for  SB 147: An Act Assisting Students Without Legal Immigration Status With The Cost Of College. This bill would open up institutional financial aid to all CT’s students regardless of immigration status. Institutional financial aid is funded by tuition revenue, undocumented students pay into this fund and should have access to it like all other students.

SB 147 is on the senate calendar, number 121. I urge ______ to support SB 147. Thank you"

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